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6 August 2012 1 Comment

Moving On

It will come as no surprise – given the radio silence of the last six months – that me and SWTOR blogging, we just haven’t worked out.

I’m still playing SWTOR, I should note. And I’m still thinking about it, but it’s generally in the context of the rest of the MMO marketplace, and the other games I’m playing, and thoughts about the MMO genre in general.

And in particular, crew skills in SWTOR have not turned out to be the deep and engrossing crafting system they promised us — at least, not by my standards of why I enjoy tradeskills or what makes a crafting system great.

So. Rather than continue trying to beat a dead horse — which would end up with me resenting SWTOR and blogging (and probably the horse) — I’m bowing out gracefully. is officially retired. It’ll stay alive and in place, though, since some of the reference content may still be useful.

However! You can’t shut up a blogger that easily. I still have plenty of thoughts about MMOs in general, including SWTOR, and I’ve been talking about them over at my general MMO blog, Siha Games! There won’t be crunchy googlebait guides over there, but I hope the content will be interesting, and I hope to see some of you over there. I really enjoy talking with the rest of the MMO blogging community, and I don’t intend to stop any time soon.

Thankyou all for listening, and sharing SWTOR fun with me. See you around!

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