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28 December 2011 6 Comments

The Great Slicing Nerf of 2011

Well, the game’s been live for less than two weeks and already they’re nerfing things!

To wit, last night saw Patch 1.0.1, which included the following changes:

  • Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills.
  • Adjusted incorrect values for medium slicing boxes.

Cue lamentations, weeping and wailing from everyone who’d recently hopped aboard the Slicing gravy train, especially with alts levelled for the purpose.

Fear not, however; Slicing missions do still seem to turn a profit. I’m tracking each mission’s results and I’ll present a statistical analysis once I’ve got a better sample size, but I’m about 20K in the black after about forty missions this morning. That’s not a great return, although I’ve been doing more of the low-level and low-yield missions to start amassing statistical data. So far, the Rich Yield missions in Class 5 seem to give much better returns than anything else, but don’t take that as hard truth until I’ve got enough numbers to draw reliable conclusions.

More news as it comes to hand!

Edit: I’ve shared my findings and dataset in the “Slicing Profitability” post.

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