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4 January 2012 8 Comments

Drinking Is Good For You!

Well, in SWTOR it is, anyway.

Many MMO players succumb to a kind of colour-blindness, where one ignores items if they’re not green, blue, orange or purple. This leads one to ignore the standard-quality items sold by vendors as being beneath one’s notice. If you’re a victim of this MMO Colour Blindness, you might have looked past the consumables sold on every planet. The medpacs and stims sold by the ubiquitous medical droids are well-known, but what about the food and drink sold in cantinas?

Next time you’re out doing missions, check in at your local cantina. The cantina vendors & bartender NPCs sell consumable food and drink. The food isn’t terribly useful; it increases your out-of-combat health regeneration, but everyone has an ability that takes care of that just fine anyway.

The drink, on the other hand, is well worth stocking up on. It buffs your Presence stat, which increases your companion’s health, damage done, and healing done. And the buffs are nothing to sneer at; they’ll make your companion significantly tougher and more useful, which makes questing and soloing much smoother.

Look for Comet Ice Water, Spiced Nerf Milk (mm, tasty?), Spacer Juice (freshly squeezed from real spacers!), Holiday Specials, the ominously-named Huttese Hangover, or Chilled Corellian Cocktails. You’ll find them in cantinas in level-appropriate areas, and the bartenders on Carrick Station & Vaiken Spacedock sell the level 40 Corellian Cocktails.

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