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14 February 2012 5 Comments

Bittersweet is…

Siha's gear set.…finally finding a set of moddable gear that looks great, and spending 300k credits unslotting and reslotting all your mods…

…wearing your great-looking gear set to that night’s operation…

…and scoring a Columi legplates token.

Yay? I think? ;)

So in commemoration of Siha’s brief-yet-much-loved DPS set, here it is to the right. That’s the TT-15A Echelon Body Armor (from Maelstrom Prison), Commando Elite Greaves (craftable), Ultrachrome War Gauntlets (from a Belsavis quest) and a Heavy Exoskeleton Belt. (Outside the shot, she’s still wearing the Heavy Gunner’s Boots she’s had since L27, since moddable boots seem to be fairly scarce and un-ugly ones scarcer still.)

(No, I don’t know why “suspenders” are a sensible choice for heavy armor. They look kind of awesome though, so I’m not complaining.)

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