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12 December 2011 1 Comment

On Mods, and Crafting… Kind Of.

I know I said I’d have my Mods guide and the second half of my Crafting guide up shortly, and that was more than “shortly” ago, but I’ve been somewhat stymied — by the mods post, in particular. I took copious notes from all the beta leaks I could find, and then they changed the system. I played in a weekend beta, and took copious notes (and screenshots, and videos) of the mod system. They changed the system again. I played in another weekend beta, and took more notes, screenshots, and videos.

You’ll never guess what they did next: they changed the mod system again.

So! I’m no longer even remotely confident in the accuracy of any of the batches of pre-launch information I have, when it comes to mods. And other peoples’ information is similarly problematic, because the system’s been revamped so many times.

So, I’m putting the mods post on the backburner for now, because I don’t want to post a guide that’s full of placeholders, “I don’t know”s, or mistakes. Early Access begins in less than twenty-four hours (omg!) and the mods post will hopefully be the first major guide I post after I hit the live servers.

In the meantime, I hope to get the other half of the Crafting guide done and posted ASAP, but I have a massive to-do list for the next 24 hours (including finding some time to sleep!), so I’m running out of time. But I haven’t forgotten, and it will be with you shortly – honest!

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  1. Hagu 14 December 2011 at 11:11 #

    The recent changes are causing m a bit of anxiety. In particular, I am most unclear on the Missions and I read there are some changes about who drops what.

    But regardless, we will hopefully be making some choices soon. Would you mind saying what 3 skills you have selected? The uncertainty is making me think that my Slice, Scav, and Bio until I figure out what I want.

    Without add ons and logs, there will no good WoWHead statistics. I just hope if I spend 95 for a slicing mission, that the average return is > 95.

    Which brings up the question of materials in a world without and history. So in the next day or two I shall have some, of example, laminol. I have no idea what that will sell for: 30? 200? 1500? There are no rich players to fund day 1 power leveling.

    These are interesting times! What are you going to be doing (if you don’t mind saying?)

    Thank you for the site and you efforts!!!

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