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14 February 2012 5 Comments

Bittersweet is…

…finally finding a set of moddable gear that looks great, and spending 300k credits unslotting and reslotting all your mods… …wearing your great-looking gear set to that night’s operation… …and scoring a Columi legplates token. Yay? I think? ;) So in commemoration of Siha’s brief-yet-much-loved DPS set, here it is to the right. That’s the […]

21 January 2012 1 Comment

A Happier Place to Live

One thing that’s struck me as I’ve been levelling in SWTOR is the unique feel of the setting created by Bioware’s choice to limit our activity to a handful of planets in a vast galaxy, and a handful of regions on those planets. Despite the war, life for SWTOR’s residents is far more peaceful than […]

31 December 2011 8 Comments

Heroic Quests Aren’t “Dailies”

This thought was prompted by a line in a post over at Going Commando, where Shintar points out that “daily quests … are designed to make you repeat them“. Many SWTOR players are familiar with World of Warcraft, and describe SWTOR’s features in a context that other gamers will understand – and so heroic quests […]

13 December 2011 1 Comment

SWTOR for the WoW Player

If you’re thinking about checking out SWTOR, and you’re not yet familiar with the game, you might find this useful: SWTOR for the WoW Player, a guide at Torhead, written by yours truly. There’s some amount of argument within SWTOR’s fanbase about comparing SWTOR to WoW, and I do understand why people get frustrated with […]

19 November 2011 2 Comments

And the Quarterback – uh, NDA – is Toast!

That’s what I get for checking my guild forums one last time before going to bed: I see the news that the SWTOR NDA has finally been lifted. Well, I can’t go to bed without making a post and sharing some thoughts, can I? Over the next few days I’ll be making a series of […]

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10 November 2011 1 Comment

You Have To Be Good To Do Bad Well

Prompted by DC Universe Online’s recent shift to free-to-play, and looking for something with which to while away the next few weeks, I reactivated my account a few days ago. I played when it launched earlier this year, for a month or so, until I hit the wall known as “hi, you’ve run out of […]

21 October 2011 3 Comments

Something Old, Something New

Alostrael, a friend and guildmate of mine who blogs over at Han Shot First, has posted an interesting summary of today’s press reports, including links to many of them. He also makes the point that: [there] are a wide variety of opinions, each of which seems to be coloured by the hopes and wishes (ie […]

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5 October 2011 5 Comments

Frankenstein’s Game: Your Ideal MMORPG

Imagine you could create your ideal, perfect, play-this-forever MMORPG, but it had to be constructed out of elements from pre-existing MMO games. So you could take, say, the player economy from EVE and the setting from LotRO and the graphics from EQ2 and the PvP from Warhammer Online. Or what have you. What would you […]

28 September 2011 7 Comments

Why I Enjoy Crafting

Before I get started on dishing up actual crafting info, I wanted to take a moment to talk about why I care about crafting systems; why it’s a part of the game that I think is important enough to blog about. I’ve rambled about this at friends quite a lot over the years, in one […]