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The Player

My name’s Eleanor, and I’m a thirtysomething gamer and all-around geek. I live in eastern Australia, I’ve been playing MMOs for eight years straight, and I’ve been a Star Wars fan ever since the original trilogy hit the cinemas. Most recently I’ve been playing WoW; before that, my MMO drug of choice was EQ2, and before that SWG. Somehow I managed to miss the whole EQ phenomenon, along with AC, DAoC and the like — but I originally met MMOs through the grandaddy of them all, Ultima Online. Offline, I enjoy strategy and simulation games, with the occasional RPG; Civ III has had me firmly in its clutches for about half a decade now. And I’ve been playing tabletop/pen-and-paper RPGs since I was sixteen, although I actually don’t tend to RP in MMOs.

Before Crew Skills, I wrote a WoW blog at Banana Shoulders, focusing primarily on Holy Paladins, with a side focus on crafting guides and general WoW discussion. I really loved writing Banana Shoulders; the blogging community was great, and I found it very satisfying. Had I not tired of WoW, I’d probably still be writing it! As it stands, however, I’ve been very eager for SW:TOR for months now, and I’m looking forward to getting to know the community.

The Blog

Crew Skills is a SW:TOR blog about… anything that takes my fancy, with a focus on crafting and tradeskills. Herein you’re likely to find crafting guides, tradeskill advice, companion and crew posts, new features, wishlists, theorycrafting, and class discussion.

Commenting Policy

I reserve the right to moderate comments as I see fit, on whatever grounds I deem necessary. I have no intention of censoring anyone just because I disagree with them, but I won’t give space to comments that are hateful, trolling, incoherent, spamtastic, inappropriate, or libellous.

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As part of maintaining the blog, I gather some statistics and information about visitors, such as location, operating system, browser, screen resolution, the site you came to me from, how long you spend reading various pages on my site, and so on. These stats are gathered not for the purpose of Evil™ but to allow me to better tailor my blog for its audience. In addition, I collect no more information than 99% of other sites on the web; if you’re concerned about privacy, I recommend using a dereferrer and an anonymising service.

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