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19 October 2011 5 Comments

News From The Front

Dear readers, I have something of a dilemma. You see, I was a very fortunate gamer this weekend; I had the chance to play in the most recent beta weekend, and let me tell you, I played the hell out of it.

Now, the beta is covered with a strict – very strict – NDA and I don’t particularly want to jeopardise my account, or my chances of getting into the beta in future, so I won’t be posting anything I did or saw in the beta until the NDA is lifted.

However, I don’t want to have to stop blogging entirely until December – and the last thing the world needs is yet another SWTOR blog just mindlessly reposting all the dev diaries, Friday updates and video walkthroughs from the official site. So I won’t be leaking anything I saw in the beta, but I’ll still be keeping my eyes peeled for interesting revelations in publicly-released material.

And in the meantime, I’ll be prepping and polishing all the screenshots and videos I took – both pretty scenery and guides to gameplay. Did I take lots of screenshots of the crafting interface and videos of the mechanics? You bet.

So, watch this space. I’ll be purposely forgetting everything I saw in the beta until December, and hoping beyond hope for another beta weekend invite. And when the NDA’s lifted, I’ll share everything I can.


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