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19 October 2011 5 Comments

News From The Front

Dear readers, I have something of a dilemma. You see, I was a very fortunate gamer this weekend; I had the chance to play in the most recent beta weekend, and let me tell you, I played the hell out of it.

Now, the beta is covered with a strict – very strict – NDA and I don’t particularly want to jeopardise my account, or my chances of getting into the beta in future, so I won’t be posting anything I did or saw in the beta until the NDA is lifted.

However, I don’t want to have to stop blogging entirely until December – and the last thing the world needs is yet another SWTOR blog just mindlessly reposting all the dev diaries, Friday updates and video walkthroughs from the official site. So I won’t be leaking anything I saw in the beta, but I’ll still be keeping my eyes peeled for interesting revelations in publicly-released material.

And in the meantime, I’ll be prepping and polishing all the screenshots and videos I took – both pretty scenery and guides to gameplay. Did I take lots of screenshots of the crafting interface and videos of the mechanics? You bet.

So, watch this space. I’ll be purposely forgetting everything I saw in the beta until December, and hoping beyond hope for another beta weekend invite. And when the NDA’s lifted, I’ll share everything I can.


5 Responses to “News From The Front”

  1. Dee 19 October 2011 at 12:43 #

    It really is sort of an odd strategy, isn’t it? Most other companies hand out beta keys like candy to bloggers in order to encourage them to post about their experiences. BioWare, OTOH, has effectively shut down the entire community before it begins.

    I’ve been hanging out at /r/swtor on Reddit a lot lately, and that community is both very lively and very enthusiastic for TOR. It also has a complete disregard for the NDA; people roll throwaway accounts all the time to do AMAs and the like. The AlterSwtor forums are the same, despite the negativity of the actual tester-mods.

    Compare that to the official forums — where the NDA is actually enforced — which are mostly full of people complaining they didn’t get into beta, or attacking the devs for some half-drunked quip they made at a con once.

    It’s quite… an interesting contrast, to say the least.

    • Siha 19 October 2011 at 13:06 #

      Yeah, it’s very odd. In an era where everyone seems to want to leverage the power of word-of-mouth, via social media and bloggers, BioWare have gone in the opposite direction. And the official forums are a tedious wasteland as a result; I barely see why they even bother having forums. I can understand having a locked-down NDA early in the testing process (like, say, when the beta started last year, but at this point it seems excessive.

      I think the smart move would be to lift the NDA in a month’s time, which would give the hype train a chance to get rolling. Right now, their best advocates for the game can’t say a word, and given the difficult launch window for the game, that doesn’t seem optimal. If they keep the NDA nailed on until launch, I think they’re wasting a big opportunity.

  2. Demetros 19 October 2011 at 19:22 #

    Odd or not it is how it is. As far as I understand you can’t even admit, that you where in beta without violating something. And you can never justify your actions by saying, that someone else did wrong thing too. Two monthes (or less) will pass fast, staying on a “light side” worth a wait IMO. We waited more than a year for you to come back to Banana Shoulders, so what is another two monthes.
    Grats on invite :)

    • Siha 20 October 2011 at 10:35 #

      Actually, I’m fairly sure that it’s okay to confirm that a) there was/is a beta test and b) that you’re in the beta. Everything else is verboten.

      And yeah, I’m not planning on leaking anything new from the beta, never fear. :)

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