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26 October 2011 4 Comments

Crew Skills Coverage

We bloggers might still be limited by the NDA, but there’s some crunchier content appearing on various press sites now that the press embargo has been lifted. I’ll update this post as I see useful guides.

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  1. Hagu 5 November 2011 at 04:57 #

    Obviously. if i had more patience, I would just wait until Early Access. But as you have a countdown clock, then I assume you can understand anticipation.

    For people who care about crafting:

    1) It sure looks like the design is pushing you towards 1 gather, 1 craft, 1 mission skill. But if the mission skills are for the not-like-me players to get non-crafting bonuses, then perhaps I would be better off with gather * 2, craft?

    2) Will the economy be large/vibrant enough for my class to not influence my crafting. E.g., my non-force character might do cloth or lightsaber crystals, even though I could not use them, because I could sell them and buy more than if I produced it myself. Or Larry’s Slicer just being OP.

    Can you tell me what you’re leaning towards for class and profession choices? (At the very least, you can tell me how you were leaning pre-Beta.)

    A recent podcast was talking about a skill that allowed you to avoid some trash. I had not considered that skills will affect and effect gameplay. E.g., if Skill1 helps with leveling, perhaps I should choose a rarer and perhaps more profitable skill?

    TIA from a Banana Shoulders fan

    • Siha 5 November 2011 at 05:32 #

      Interesting questions!

      1) Answering this on the basis of material I’ve seen floating around other blogs and on the official forums: it seems like gathering skills will provide the bulk of the raw materials whereas mission skills will provide more specialised/rare materials for prototype (ie blue) quality crafting. So I think the distinction would be: if you want to focus on a certain area of your crafting skill, you might take 1C + 1G + 1M so that you have a steady supply of all the materials you need, whereas if you want to be a generalist you might take 1C + 2G, but you’d have to rely on other players or alts or the AH for materials for rare schematics.

      2) My guess is yes, provided you’re on a lively enough server, but I’m not sure I see the benefit in it. I suspect if it would only be of benefit if one market (Force users) had higher demand relative to the number of crafters. I think that’s unlikely-ish, as most polls on the official forums and the big fan sites seem to put Force users at somewhere around 55% of the likely player base – so a slight majority, but not huge. This might well vary by server, though.

      3) My own choices, independently of the beta – I’m leaning towards a Republic trooper as my main (based on my love of military sci-fi plus the info in Ask A Jedi’s rundown on healing styles by class), with Cybertech + (some combo of appropriate gathering + mission skills) as her crew skills. I’m still not sure exactly what’s good for Cybertech; from what I’ve heard it uses a lot of different raw materials, so I may just wind up choosing one area of it (probably armor/weapon mods) and focusing on those, and taking the skills that give mats for those. Probably. Maybe. ;-)

      I hadn’t heard about any skills helping with trash avoidance and there’s nothing like that in the blurbs I’ve read — unless it’s a reference to the stuff one of the devs (I think Daniel Erickson or Gabe Amatangelo?) was talking about, perhaps. I don’t have the reference on hand at the moment, but I believe they were saying that certain Flashpoints would have hidden areas that could be opened up by using a given crew skill (eg slicing a computer terminal to open a locked door, or using archaeology to deduce the location of a hidden passageway). It might be conceivable that that would allow some shortcuts in a Flashpoint, perhaps, or an alternate path that happens to be less full of annoying trash than the ‘main’ path. If that’s the case, I would think they’ll spread the opportunities out across multiple skills so no one single crew skill becomes the “take this or you level slow” no-brainer choice. Other than that, though, I don’t know of any crew skills that have any combat effects.

  2. Hagu 7 November 2011 at 16:08 #


    Do you see having to choose between leveling and crafting? ( I will have the first three weeks after launch consumed by family so I will be sooo late to 50. )

    It may be that all I need to do is send a companion off every so often; or it could be that I have to go do some “gathering” – doing some content for crafting/credit reasons rather than leveling. Not mining nodes, but going places / training for crafting not leveling reasons. I guess.

    • Siha 7 November 2011 at 17:08 #

      I would imagine that, as with most MMOs, if you’re motivated by tradeskills you may have to spend some time specifically focusing on collecting resources (unless you buy them from the AH, or have a deal with a gathering-centric friend). This isn’t something I can answer based on my beta experience, as resource scarcity is something that’s often tuned right up til launch, so it’s just a ‘best guess’ based on prior MMO experience, really — and, too, it depends how crowded your server is.

      I suspect that sending a companion off probably won’t keep up with one’s resource needs unless you’re crafting at a very slow pace, otherwise why would they have gathering nodes in the world?

      So I wouldn’t say that you have to choose between levelling and crafting, per se, because provided you have gathering skills too, levelling will likely net you a majority of the resources you need. As to whether there’s any gameplay you need to do for crafting that precludes levelling, I couldn’t tell you either way — I didn’t play far enough in beta to see any, and there hasn’t been any discussion of it from official sources, but the official sources have been quite clear that they’ve kept some parts of the crafting system under wraps, so that could be part of it.

      So, um, short version: I don’t know. ;)

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