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31 January 2012 9 Comments

The Amazing Chameleon Shirt

Generally, SWTOR is pretty good at avoiding the weird issue that plagues many other MMOs, where sensible armor on a man turns into ridiculous plate bikinis on a woman. However, I’ve found one partial contender – a case that’s so odd I can forgive it.

Here we have the Amazing Chameleon Shirt, a.k.a the Temple Watchman’s Vest. This is the Medium +Strength chest purchasable with Tython commendations (and there’s a craftable custom armor equivalent, the Aspiring Knight’s Vest, which behaves the same way). On male characters it has long sleeves and wrappings around the waist, whereas on female characters it’s a sleeveless midriff top.

However, its magical ability to change is even more pronounced than that! To wit, it changes colour depending on who’s wearing it!

The Amazing Chamelon Shirt

On Miraluka and Zabraks, it’s black. On Humans and Twi’leks it’s dark grey. And on Mirialans it’s a lovely powder blue.

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