31 January 2012 9 Comments

The Amazing Chameleon Shirt

Generally, SWTOR is pretty good at avoiding the weird issue that plagues many other MMOs, where sensible armor on a man turns into ridiculous plate bikinis on a woman. However, I’ve found one partial contender – a case that’s so odd I can forgive it. Here we have the Amazing Chameleon Shirt, a.k.a the Temple […]

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7 December 2011 3 Comments

On Mods

I’m still planning a “guide to the item modification system” post, once I sort out the tangle of the flip-flopping mods changes in the last few beta builds. In the meantime, though, check out On mods: the building, salvaging, and picking thereof from Stop over at The Stoppable Force. It’s a great post and gives […]

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20 November 2011 7 Comments

The Gear Guide: All About SWTOR Equipment

This is the second in a series of game guides I’ll be writing for Crew Skills, discussing various systems of game mechanics to help everyone get up to speed nice and fast. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Please note that this post has been prepared based on my experiences in […]