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6 January 2012 12 Comments

Slicing Profitability

As I posted a week ago, Slicing is still profitable post-nerf. It’s just no longer a license to print money, and has more risk involved.


  Mission Yield
Class Moderate Abundant Bountiful Rich
1 1.44 0.98   0.93
2 1.41 1.11   1.10
3 1.39 1.30 1.14 1.09
4 1.34   1.17  
5 1.44 1.22   1.44
6 1.18 1.21    

A ratio of 1.0 means that your rewards average out to equal the cost of the missions. A ratio of 1.2 means that for every 1000 credits you spend on missions, you will – on average – receive 1,200 credits from lockboxes.

From this we can see a few key things:

  • Moderate-yield missions score surprisingly well – this is usually because they’re very cheap to perform.
  • Equally, Rare missions aren’t worth doing for most classes (except 5). This is because they’re usually a huge increase in cost, and they often don’t pay much more than the lower-yield missions.
  • Class 1 and 2 Moderate missions are very profitable, but they’re fairly fiddly given that you have to tend to your companions every few minutes.


You can see the data set I accumulated in this Google Docs spreadsheet.

  • All Slicing missions were performed after the Patch 1.0.1 nerf.
  • All missions were performed at 400 skill.
  • All missions were carried out with companions under 1,000 Affection, and none of them had any bonuses to Slicing.
  • There were no mission failures. Some missions were crit successes; you can see these in the dataset with Large boxes listed as the reward.
  • The value of other rewards (schematics, augments, mission unlocks) were not included, only the credits from the lockbox.
  • Every mission was done 10-15 times, except unlockable missions. They’re included in the dataset for reference, but not included in the table.
  • Some missions are unrepresented: these are Imperial-only missions. There are some factionally-split mission pairs which are identical in cost and yield and time – I’m assuming their profitability is equivalent too.
  • There wasn’t enough data to say anything conclusive about unlockable missions. My suspicion is that they’re probably worth doing for the extra goodies, credits aside.

You may also want to take a look at this Google Docs spreadsheet (provided by pdxmarcos on the official forums) which has numbers on Average Credits per Minute. I’m not including that data in this post as it’s directly affected by companion affection, but you can find some useful numbers there.

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