14 January 2012 0 Comments

Saving Money on Generic Crafting Materials

Most crafting schematics in SWTOR require the addition of fairly generic “crafting materials”, which you can buy from a Crew Skills Trade Vendor in various locations (such as in the vicinity of most crafting trainers, and a few other places besides). These materials can also be provided by the same gathering skill that supplies crafting […]

6 January 2012 12 Comments

Slicing Profitability

As I posted a week ago, Slicing is still profitable post-nerf. It’s just no longer a license to print money, and has more risk involved. Findings   Mission Yield Class Moderate Abundant Bountiful Rich 1 1.44 0.98   0.93 2 1.41 1.11   1.10 3 1.39 1.30 1.14 1.09 4 1.34   1.17   5 […]