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29 September 2011 5 Comments

An Overview of SWTOR’s Crafting & Tradeskill System

Now the release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been announced (best Christmas present ever!), I know a lot of people are looking for more information on SWTOR’s mechanics and fundamental game systems. Whether you’re coming fresh to the game or you’re an MMO veteran, there will be something of a learning curve […]

28 September 2011 7 Comments

Why I Enjoy Crafting

Before I get started on dishing up actual crafting info, I wanted to take a moment to talk about why I care about crafting systems; why it’s a part of the game that I think is important enough to blog about. I’ve rambled about this at friends quite a lot over the years, in one […]

26 September 2011 1 Comment

Once More Unto the Breach!

Why hello there; welcome aboard. I’m Siha, and Crew Skills is my Star Wars: the Old Republic blog. I’ll be focusing on crafting guides and tradeskill advice, as well as offering broader SW:TOR discussion and general gaming thoughts. In the Real World I’m Eleanor, a long-time gamer (both MMO and otherwise) and guild leader. Most […]