6 August 2012 1 Comment

Moving On

It will come as no surprise – given the radio silence of the last six months – that me and SWTOR blogging, we just haven’t worked out. I’m still playing SWTOR, I should note. And I’m still thinking about it, but it’s generally in the context of the rest of the MMO marketplace, and the […]

14 February 2012 5 Comments

Bittersweet is…

…finally finding a set of moddable gear that looks great, and spending 300k credits unslotting and reslotting all your mods… …wearing your great-looking gear set to that night’s operation… …and scoring a Columi legplates token. Yay? I think? ;) So in commemoration of Siha’s brief-yet-much-loved DPS set, here it is to the right. That’s the […]

3 February 2012 7 Comments

The State of Crafting at Endgame

It’s sad to say, but it’s true: crafting at end-game is almost irrelevant for most crafting skills right now. To use Cybertech as an example, we Cybertechs make three broadly-useful items: Armoring, Mods and Earpieces. (Plus some fun sidelines: droid upgrades, consumable grenades, and self-only vehicles.) Our very best craftable mods are only on par […]

2 February 2012 1 Comment

Link Love: Great Posts You Should Read

I have a couple of (more substantial) posts in the pipeline but in the meantime, I just wanted to highlight a couple of great recent posts from around the traps. When to Bug Your Crafting Friends (or Alts) from Eltatorship. Perrin talks about the different classes of crafting mats and when each type of crafted […]

31 January 2012 9 Comments

The Amazing Chameleon Shirt

Generally, SWTOR is pretty good at avoiding the weird issue that plagues many other MMOs, where sensible armor on a man turns into ridiculous plate bikinis on a woman. However, I’ve found one partial contender – a case that’s so odd I can forgive it. Here we have the Amazing Chameleon Shirt, a.k.a the Temple […]

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28 January 2012 4 Comments

Datacrons, Matrix Shards and What To Do With Them

Unlike many other MMOs, SWTOR has hidden rewards for exploration and experimentation scattered all throughout its planets and game mechanics. One of the most popular of these rewards is the mighty Datacron. Datacrons Datacrons are small cubes hidden all over the game; they give off a coloured glow, and getting to most of them usually […]

27 January 2012 1 Comment

Link Love: Attack Types, Damage Types, Avoidance and Mitigation in SWTOR

Attack Types, Damage Types, Avoidance and Mitigation in SWTOR: an excellent guide from Alostrael, clearing up a lot of misinformation and confusion.

26 January 2012 13 Comments

The SWTOR Drinking Game

Every time your trooper says “Sounds like you need a soldier.” Every time your trooper says “Dangerous missions are what I do best. I’m in.” Every time your Jedi Knight says “It was the least I could do.” …take a drink. Anyone got any others? Let’s get this party started!

21 January 2012 1 Comment

A Happier Place to Live

One thing that’s struck me as I’ve been levelling in SWTOR is the unique feel of the setting created by Bioware’s choice to limit our activity to a handful of planets in a vast galaxy, and a handful of regions on those planets. Despite the war, life for SWTOR’s residents is far more peaceful than […]

20 January 2012 7 Comments


And here’s 50, a month after the game officially launched. Of course, my progress was slowed a lot by the fact that Bioware’s preferred downtime is usually smack bang in the Australian evening, i.e. prime playing time for us Antipodeans. Still, it could be worse: every SOE game I’ve played had daily maintenance, usually an […]

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