15 January 2012 7 Comments

Meet the Team

You know, I’ve been so busy a) making Google Docs spreadsheets (it’s a compulsion, I tell you!) and b) actually playing the game, that I haven’t actually talked about what I’m playing! Let’s rectify that. Siha here is my main; she’s a Commando, currently specced into Combat Medic. Which was inevitable, really; heavily-armored healers seem […]

14 January 2012 0 Comments

Saving Money on Generic Crafting Materials

Most crafting schematics in SWTOR require the addition of fairly generic “crafting materials”, which you can buy from a Crew Skills Trade Vendor in various locations (such as in the vicinity of most crafting trainers, and a few other places besides). These materials can also be provided by the same gathering skill that supplies crafting […]

11 January 2012 0 Comments

Custom Armor Viability in SWTOR’s Endgame

I’ll quote the post in its entirety because it’s all relevant: The current situation with end game gear and item modifications isn’t final and, in fact, many community members like yourself have correctly guessed at what our plans to correct the current design are. Since this is a fairly important issue to many players, let […]

10 January 2012 7 Comments

On Comments, And Comments On

There’s an interesting debate raging in parts of the tech blogosphere at the moment, about the wisdom of courting commenters and whether bloggers might be better-served by switching off comments altogether. Many of the arguments for and against are neatly summarised in Matt Gemmell’s post Comments Commentary, but in brief: the no-comments argument seems to […]

9 January 2012 7 Comments

Item Modifications Spreadsheet

This isn’t 100% complete, and when it is I’ll do nice shiny downloadable PDFs for it, but in the meantime I thought this might be useful for people: The Craftable Item Modifications Spreadsheet, in Google Docs. It lists the stat values on each rank of craftable item mods – Armoring, Barrels & Hilts, Mods, Enhancements […]

6 January 2012 12 Comments

Slicing Profitability

As I posted a week ago, Slicing is still profitable post-nerf. It’s just no longer a license to print money, and has more risk involved. Findings   Mission Yield Class Moderate Abundant Bountiful Rich 1 1.44 0.98   0.93 2 1.41 1.11   1.10 3 1.39 1.30 1.14 1.09 4 1.34   1.17   5 […]

4 January 2012 8 Comments

Drinking Is Good For You!

Well, in SWTOR it is, anyway. Many MMO players succumb to a kind of colour-blindness, where one ignores items if they’re not green, blue, orange or purple. This leads one to ignore the standard-quality items sold by vendors as being beneath one’s notice. If you’re a victim of this MMO Colour Blindness, you might have […]

31 December 2011 8 Comments

Heroic Quests Aren’t “Dailies”

This thought was prompted by a line in a post over at Going Commando, where Shintar points out that “daily quests … are designed to make you repeat them“. Many SWTOR players are familiar with World of Warcraft, and describe SWTOR’s features in a context that other gamers will understand – and so heroic quests […]

28 December 2011 6 Comments

The Great Slicing Nerf of 2011

Well, the game’s been live for less than two weeks and already they’re nerfing things! To wit, last night saw Patch 1.0.1, which included the following changes: Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills. Adjusted incorrect values for medium slicing boxes. Cue lamentations, weeping and wailing from everyone […]

25 December 2011 0 Comments

A Christmas Shiny

Things have been a bit quiet around here lately, what with the silly season being upon us, and the launch of the game itself – I haven’t had a moment to spare, and I imagine neither have most of you. If you explore a little, you’ll find that Carrick Station isn’t the only part of […]