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13 October 2011 0 Comments

They’re all the rage this year…

A week since last update? Bad blogger, no biscuit! In truth, it’s because all my spare time has been occupied with getting my brand new gaming computer up and running. Just in time for the next round of beta weekends! she says optimistically. Hope springs eternal, and all that.

I’d been pondering computer specs for a few weeks; eventually I settled on an i5 2500 3.3GHz S1155 CPU, with 16 GB of RAM, a 1GB GTX560 video card, and an SSD boot drive to supplement the HDD. I am so, so glad I went for the SSD; the difference is really noticeable. It’s in an Antec Lanboy Air blue case, which is a far cry from the elegance of the Mac Pro sitting next to it – but it’s far from the ugliest PC case out there, and it’s light. And has handles. Given that SW:TOR will be turning up right when I’m visiting family for Christmas, there’s no way I’m not taking my PC with me, so it has to be as luggable as possible… and surprisingly it’s quite easy to move. Overall I’m super happy with it; it’s been a long time since I’ve had a computer so well-suited for gaming.

Anyway, on with the show! I originally started this post – before getting derailed by my new shiny – to link to Southern Wardens‘ (i.e. my guild’s) guild recruitment video. Otherwise known as “my spot on the latest bandwagon”. It seems videos are the new wave of guild recruitment tools – this is certainly not something I’ve seen in the WoW guild community, for instance, but I’ve seen a number pop up in the SWTOR community already. (Something of a feat, given how little video footage has escaped the NDA; one doesn’t have much to work with.) Nonetheless, as video editing is something of a hobby of mine, I couldn’t help but put one together.

(This isn’t a full-on recruitment post, but I did want to show off the pretty.)

Amusingly, I’m now completely spoilt for anyone else’s guild recruitment videos; I just look at every clip and think “oh yes, that’s that bit from the Jedi Consular class video, that’s from the Companions dev diary, that’s from the Esseles walkthrough with the UI cropped out of it…” – I can’t wait until they lift the NDA.

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