10 November 2011 1 Comment

You Have To Be Good To Do Bad Well

Prompted by DC Universe Online’s recent shift to free-to-play, and looking for something with which to while away the next few weeks, I reactivated my account a few days ago. I played when it launched earlier this year, for a month or so, until I hit the wall known as “hi, you’ve run out of […]

26 October 2011 4 Comments

Crew Skills Coverage

We bloggers might still be limited by the NDA, but there’s some crunchier content appearing on various press sites now that the press embargo has been lifted. I’ll update this post as I see useful guides. Massively’s Hyperspace Beacon column: Crew Skills preview (which is fairly meaty, and mostly correct) IGN’s companions & crew skills […]

23 October 2011 2 Comments

SWTOR’s Down Under Launch?

Aussies, Kiwis and others in the MMO backwater known as the Oceanic zone have long been bemoaning BioWare’s decision to exclude us from the December SWTOR launch, but I’m wondering if things might not be about to change. Engage Optimism Mode! Fact 1: The Euro launch of SWTOR was originally scheduled for the 22nd of […]

21 October 2011 3 Comments

Something Old, Something New

Alostrael, a friend and guildmate of mine who blogs over at Han Shot First, has posted an interesting summary of today’s press reports, including links to many of them. He also makes the point that: [there] are a wide variety of opinions, each of which seems to be coloured by the hopes and wishes (ie […]

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19 October 2011 5 Comments

News From The Front

Dear readers, I have something of a dilemma. You see, I was a very fortunate gamer this weekend; I had the chance to play in the most recent beta weekend, and let me tell you, I played the hell out of it. Now, the beta is covered with a strict – very strict – NDA […]

13 October 2011 0 Comments

They’re all the rage this year…

A week since last update? Bad blogger, no biscuit! In truth, it’s because all my spare time has been occupied with getting my brand new gaming computer up and running. Just in time for the next round of beta weekends! she says optimistically. Hope springs eternal, and all that. I’d been pondering computer specs for […]

7 October 2011 6 Comments

SWTOR Crafting Skills: What We Know of the Game Mechanics

You can find a list of SWTOR’s crafting skills anywhere, from SWTOR’s official site to my own crafting skills overview, and a hundred other blogs and fan sites in between. What’s harder to find is a description of how the skills actually work; how you make items, how you increase your skill, what kind of […]

5 October 2011 5 Comments

Frankenstein’s Game: Your Ideal MMORPG

Imagine you could create your ideal, perfect, play-this-forever MMORPG, but it had to be constructed out of elements from pre-existing MMO games. So you could take, say, the player economy from EVE and the setting from LotRO and the graphics from EQ2 and the PvP from Warhammer Online. Or what have you. What would you […]

29 September 2011 5 Comments

An Overview of SWTOR’s Crafting & Tradeskill System

Now the release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been announced (best Christmas present ever!), I know a lot of people are looking for more information on SWTOR’s mechanics and fundamental game systems. Whether you’re coming fresh to the game or you’re an MMO veteran, there will be something of a learning curve […]

28 September 2011 7 Comments

Why I Enjoy Crafting

Before I get started on dishing up actual crafting info, I wanted to take a moment to talk about why I care about crafting systems; why it’s a part of the game that I think is important enough to blog about. I’ve rambled about this at friends quite a lot over the years, in one […]